Quality for customers

R.Busanel & F.li srl has a range of products suitable for answering to the demands of its numerous customers scattered in the whole national territory and in some foreign countries.
In the operative center are present specific cooled cells for the maintenance of fresh, frozen, and smoked fish and various fish preparations.

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Fast and regular service

The service of transport is particularly efficient as it regards the connections among the principal Italian north-oriental fish markets (Venice-Tronchetto, Trieste and Chioggia).

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Strength of service, advantage of experience, guaranty of products


The R.Busanel & F.li srl is the result of a long experience grown in the seafood business. Already in year 1935 family Busanel began with Domenico the activity in the harbors and fish markets in Venice area.


Main target has been for a long time the development of an efficient and dynamic organisation, prepared to a mutual collaboration with suppliers and customers in order to be able to guarantee high quality products as R.Busanel & F.li srl requires from his selected suppliers.


Currently “R.Busanel & F.li srl” holds a prominent a position in international market. It has a qualified business staff, a wide net of national and foreign suppliers, and a huge range of products suitable for answering to the demands of its customers distributed throught the national territory and in foreign countries.

  • Via Delle Industrie, 64 - 30020 Eraclea (VE)
  • 0421 232848
  • info@busanel.it