R.Busanel & srl: a long experience matured on fish commerce


Main target has been for a long time the development of an efficient and dynamic organisation, prepared to a mutual collaboration with suppliers and customers in order to be able to guarantee high quality products as R.Busanel & srl requires from his selected suppliers.


The R.Busanel & srl is the result of a long experience grown in the seafood business. Already in year 1935 family Busanel began with Domenico the activity in the harbors and fish markets in Venice area.
Such activity was followed then by his son Raffaele with his wife Flavia, who, at the beginning 1950s opened the first fish shop and he specialized in supplying the first hotels and restaurants on the Jesolo coast.
In the decade ’60 – ’70 Raffaele Busanel was replaced step by step in turn by his sons Roberto and Patrizio, who in 1984, founded the first company (initially called “Euroittica srl” and afterwards “R.Busanel & srl” in honor of their father).
In those years, thanks to a careful family management, the activity and the organization encouraged the specialization in wholesale seafood trade.


Currently “R.Busanel & srl” holds a prominent a position in international market. It has a qualified business staff, a wide net of national and foreign suppliers, and a huge range of products suitable for answering to the demands of its customers distributed throught the national territory and in foreign countries.


The new 3.000sm operative center includes administrative offices and store, in which all the necessary measures are taken in order to receive, store and resell without altering quality and freshness (maintenance of cold-chain).


 We offer products of elevated qualitative standardstrought certifications as (HACCP, IFS Logistic, BIO/ORGANIC and ASC/MSC).For such reason there are specific cooldstores for the maintenance of fresh, frozen, smoked products and various preparations are available.. Besides tanks with salty water allow to maintain live products like lobsters, crabs, spiny lobster, spider crabs.